About Afrah Pack

Afrah Pack is a leading business establishment of Plastic and disposable food packaging products with an extensive range and the best quality. Established in 2015, the company Al Afrah Plastic Product Tr. offering good customer service, competitive pricing, excellent quality and quick supply.

Afrah Pack product range starting from Aluminium Containers, Aluminium Foils and Cling Films, Cutlery, Foam Products, Microwave containers, Packing Material, Paper Cup & Lids, Paper products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Containers and Plates, Plastic Cups and Lids, Tissue Products, Wooden products, Safety and Hygiene and Cleaning Materials.

With the new online shopping experience, Afrah Pack is your go-to online store for the of Plastic and disposable food packaging products. With same day or next day we can deliver at your door step. We ensure excellent quality and competitive price.

Delivery available from MONDAY to SATURDAY.

No delivery on Sundays and Public Holidays

Our online app available for download in Google play and apple store